Battlefield 6 Modes

The now  Battlefield 6 is coming, but you may either throw yourself in the uniform of a SWAT policeman or as a bank robber in the multiplayer battles (all multiplayer classes Martin has illuminated for you). No longer does the multiplayer shooter revolve around global conflicts, but rather with tangible conflicts between robbers and gendarmes.


However, the singleplayer campaign around the cop Nick Mendoza should not be neglected, the Visceral staged cinematic again. In 11 episodes, her villain Neil Roark and other gangsters haunt California and stop at several varied stations. If the campaign alone is not enough, you may also want to focus on solving multiple cases for which you ‘ll need to find several pieces of evidence that are likely to fuel a replay value of the singleplayer missions.

Battlefield 6 would not be a Battlefield if it did not bring the appropriate modes. Of course, these Battlefield 6 Modes all based on the setting robber and gendarme. Expect you:

  • conquest
  • Team Deathmatch
  • raid
  • Blood Money
  • Hotwire
  • rescue
  • crosshairs

Battlefield 6: The New

Choose a page and set up your crew. As Detective Nick Mendoza, complete Battlefield 6 single-player mission, or get to grips with the other side of the law in the thrilling multiplayer game. Several new gadgets and strategies allow you to effectively pull through robberies and hostage-taking or even blow up from the other side. Here professionals meet each other, who spare no means and efforts. Battlefield 6 Release Date is set in year 2020.